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sundance201 [userpic]
by sundance201 (sundance201)
at June 16th, 2005 (10:30 am)

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After spending several hours at the hospital with Mulder, Scully went home to get some much needed rest and spend some time with William. Mulder, when he was conscious again, had insisted that Scully go home and get some rest. He promised her that he would be fine while she was gone, and that they would get through this together just as they had with her cancer and everything else they had gone through. Scully was reluctant to leave his side, but knew that William needed her as well. Scully's mom had been staying with William ever since she had taken Mulder to the hospital. Scully entered the house. It was completely dark inside, and quiet as well. Her mother and William had probably been asleep for hours now. Scully was physically exhausted and emotionally drained. All she wanted right now was her warm bed, and maybe a long hot shower first. As exhausted as she was, she hoped she would be able to sleep. Besides Mulder not being there, and her fear for him, she was busy thinking about what she could do to save him. Even though he had been the one to save her when she had cancer, he did have help. Skinner, the Lone Gunmen, Michael Kritschgau, they had all helped Mulder find the cure for her cancer. Right now she was feeling very hopeless that she would be able to do the same. The Lone Gunmen were dead, so was Kritschgau. Heck, even those she hated but wouldn't hesitate to ask for help, such as Krycek and Cancer Man, were long gone. She could ask Skinner, true, and there was also Dogget and Reyes, but there was no reason to bring them into this. They had all done so much for them already. And really, she couldn't think of anything they could do to help, so she decided that she wouldn't involve them unless absolutely necessary. No, in the end, Mulder had been the one to save her, and anyone who might know how, was dead. Scully was suddenly feeling very alone and very hopeless at the moment, not to mention terrified. She was scared to death of losing Mulder, that had always been her biggest fear. She let out a sigh, finished locking up and turned to walk upstairs. Just as she reached the bottom of the staircase, there was a knock at the door. Scully, knowing from past experience that visitors calling at this late hour usually involved trouble, instinctively grabbed the gun that they kept taped behind the armoire near the front door. She checked to make sure it was loaded, cocked it, and tucked it behind her in the waistband of her pants, just in case. She looked out the peephole and thought surely she must be seeing things. She opened the door to reveal - Shannon McMahon.