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sundance201 [userpic]
The first chapter!
by sundance201 (sundance201)
at June 16th, 2005 (10:25 am)

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Alright, I decided to post the first two parts of our story here, and I'll post mine as soon as I finish!

Scully ran a hand through her copper hair and watched the doctors work on Mulder. His body was motionless, his face pale, his eyes dead. The looks on the doctors' and nurses' faces frightened her for they were expressions of loss. Turning around, she buried her face in her hands and allowed the tears to come. 'Please God.' She pleaded in her mind. 'Please, don't let him die. Please...' She'd been his partner for nine years, both had gone to hell and back for each other, and now that they were finally able to be together... he was going to leave her again.
The night that he'd proposed to her popped into her mind. They had been laying in that motel room on the bed together, wrapped in limbs and love, just happy that he had escaped his execution. After a few hours of glorious, wonderful lovemaking, he had suddenly stopped, cupped her face in his palms, and met her eyes. 'Let's get married.' He had stated so plainly. 'Let's leave the danger behind, leave the bureau, move out to the country somewhere, get married, and raise our William.' Scully had been utterly shocked.
'But Mulder, I gave William up for adoption, you know that.'
'I do know that Dana, but we must get him back, he's our son.' And she'd known that she would never be able to say no. So that's what they had done, they'd gotten their son back, left the bureau, and moved into a two-story house right outside of D.C.
'Excuse me, are you with Fox Mulder?' Scully turned around and met the doctor's eyes.
'Yes... yes, I am. What is it? Is he okay?'
'His temperature was 103 when you came in, if you hadn't brought him in, he'd be dead. He's stable now. Do you know what brought this on?'
'No, we thought it was the flu, my son had had it and we figured Mulder had caught it from him.'
'Has he been out of the country at all?'
'No.' Scully answered quickly, but then remembered their romantic trip to Paris before getting William back, as a pre-honeymoon. 'Paris, we went to Paris.'
'I'm going to need his medical records sent here. He needs an operation.'
'What?' Scully screamed, her tears flowing more rapidly.
'He has a tumor... between his nasal cavity and cerebrum.' Scully raised her hand to her lips.
'Dear God...' And that's when she knew... Mulder had contracted the same cancer she'd had, the same cancer that had almost killed her.


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