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sundance201 [userpic]
The other parts to the story....
by sundance201 (sundance201)
at August 8th, 2005 (11:34 pm)

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Okay, here is my part for the story!!! I hope it takes a story in a direction that all of us like! Enjoy!!!

Scully’s eyes went wide and her face paled, “What did you just say? How do you know about Mulder?” Shannon was quiet for a moment and Scully finally drew her gun, shoving it in the woman’s face, “So help me God, you better start talking…” Shannon seemed unaffected by the gun in her face, simply walking past Scully and moving to sit on the couch. “You are aware of our knowledge Agent Scully, what we are capable of obtaining or doing. Now, suppose that I came here today with some information that could very well save your husband’s life. The question is, what would you be willing to sacrifice in order to assure his survival?” Scully’s eyes were hard as steel, she kept her gun poised on the woman who had so comfortably made herself at home, much to Scully’s chagrin. “What kind of sacrifice? What are you suggesting?” The woman’s gaze met hers. “A life for a life…”


Scully's breath grew ragged and she dropped the gun away from the woman's emotionless face. "A life for a life?" Scully asked. Shannon slowly nodded her head.

"I'm sure you know what I'm speaking of. You've done something terrible Agent Scully, you took your son from his adoptive parents, parents who loved and cherished him and knew nothing of his past." Scully sat down on the chair across from her and tried to breathe. "They could've raised him to be normal, to be a normal child, but you and Agent Mulder took him and now he's in danger again."

"You're here. You want his life, so doesn't that make you his endangeror?" Shannon slowly shook her head.

"No, it doesn't. I'm part of a small organization outside of Pittsburgh now. We want to protect William, put him back with his adoptive parents before he's gone after again. You know that William is a special boy. We understand that and want to protect him. But you and Mulder must understand that neither of you can ever see him again."

"So you're asking me to chose? William or Mulder?" Shannon reached over and touched Scully's hand.

"I know it's hard. Your son or the man you love. But think about it. You'll be getting both of them out of harm's way." Scully nodded and covered Shannon's hand with her own. But suddenly, the door was busted open!


Scully jumped up and turned in the direction of the open door, her gun pointed at the intruders.

"What the hell?! Agent Doggett? Agent Reyes?" Scully looked at the agents with disbelief, the shock of the actions written all over her face. They were both armed, their guns pointed directly at Shannon McMahon. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Scully's voice was full of anger as she questioned the two agents.

Agent Dogget was the first to speak, "Agent Scully, we were watching outside and saw Shannon McMahon come to the door." He turned his attention toward Shannon, gun still pointed straight at her. "The last time we saw you, you were lying at the bottom of the ocean."

Shannon only glanced in his direction, but said nothing.

Scully ignored both Agent Doggett's question, and the fact that he had still referred to her as 'agent' even after all these years. "Was it necessary to break down my door?!" she asked, a little harsher than she had intended to. She suddenly realized what Agent Doggett had said. "Why the hell were you watching my house?!"

Gun still directed at Shannon, he turned and looked at Agent Reyes, who was still standing behind him with her gun trained on Shannon as well. "Skinner put us on this detail, told us you were in trouble and needed some surveillance for a while. When we saw Shannon walk up, we figured you could use some help. Didn't he call you?"

"No dammit, he didn't!" Scully yelled, tears welling up in her eyes but not yet spilling over. "How does Skinner know about our situation? I haven't called him." Doggett and Reyes exchanges glances once again, and Scully became even more frustrated by her confusion adn circumstances. "Answer me dammit!"

"Agent Scully," Reyes started, but Doggett waved her off.

Doggett decided on a more gentle approach, putting his gun back in his holster only after noticing that Scully had long since put hers away, which meant that she obviously didn't see Shannon McMahon as a threat. Reyes followed Doggett's lead and holstered her weapon as well.
Doggett lowered his voice, making his tone softer as he said, "It was Gibson. Gibson's the one that told him you and Mulder were in danger."


Scully stumbled back, and quickly sat down on the couch. She managed to blink back the tears that were threatening to fall with all this new information. “Gibson?” She murmured, confused. “How does Gibson know what’s going on?”

Doggett and Reyes looked at each other silently. Doggett nodded to his female partner and she went to go sit down next to Scully. “Dana…” She said quietly. “Gibson said that he and Mulder have been corresponding, and that Mulder seemed to know that something was going to happen.” The partners regarded their friend carefully, making sure that she was handling the news alright. Shannon had wandered over to the window, looking out onto the street, rather than getting even more tangled up in the situation.

Scully shook her head, and rubbed her hand over her forehead. “But why didn’t Mulder say anything to me? If he knew something like this…” She choked on her own words, overcome by grief.

Monica put a comforting hand on Scully’s shoulder. “He didn’t want to worry you. Gibson said that Mulder just had…a feeling, and didn’t have anything to base it on. You were preoccupied with William, and he didn’t want to frighten you if he was wrong.”

Scully nodded, knowing that Mulder would do anything to keep her safe, and sane. A silence fell over the room as the friends mulled over all that they knew. But the silence was broken when Shannon suddenly spun around to face the agents. “I think that we have company.”

Scully, Doggett, and Reyes hurried over to where Shannon stood by the window. About ten men and women were walking towards Scully’s house, dressed in all black. Scully looked to Shannon, her eyes unsure and scared. “Super-soldiers?”

Shannon nodded solemnly.